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We use our friendly, creative style to help you grow your business. See some of our work with over 60 brands around the world.

How we work with you

Everyone starts from a different place in the help they need. Whether you’re a startup needing help with your  business plan, a blue chip needing strategic advice, or you simply want a delightful new website. We are experienced at all stages having built businesses from start to exit and award winning websites and products.

Strategy & Marketing

Firstly, we start with looking at what you’re trying to achieve in your strategy. We offer the first hour chat for free, after which we suggest a half day brainstorm on your business plan. For startups, consider our Startup Coaching. With bigger teams or for blue chip strategy rethinks, we can reform it with innovation workshops. Then with a 7P marketing plan, we can help plan and deliver it.

Mobile Friendly Web Design

Today, more than 50% of visitors use their mobile phone or tablet to access your website, so it’s important that it looks good for them regardless of the device they’re on. With our website designs we use WordPress and themes which automatically rearrange the content to fit on smaller screens to keep it readable. We create a draft site within 24 hours so we can work together on getting your design closer and closer to your ideas.
targeting customers and customer segments

Targeting Your Customers

You know who you want as customers: where they are and what they are typically looking. We help you reach them with target Google results using a technique called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and optionally a paid type called Search Engine Marketing (SEM). For regular contact with your website visitors, we can help you run your email marketing.

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Full list of our services

On the business strategy side of our business, we offer strategic reviews, innovation workshops, 7Ps Marketing reviews, startup and leadership coaching.

For digital marketing services including graphic design, we offer: brochure website design, e-commerce website design, membership websites, logo design, responsive mobile friendly website design, landing pages, website hosting, Domain Name Registration, ongoing support & maintenance, website recovery and migration, email marketing campaigns, SEO Search Engine Optimisation skills and support and WordPress Training .


Why choose us?

We’re an approachable and friendly agency, established in 2011.  The team is spread from Cardiff, to High Wycombe  and London. Our website design in High Wycombe is near the popular towns of Maidenhead, Slough, Windsor and Beaconsfied. We grow your business by understanding it and without using technical jargon. 

We provide training for managing your WordPress website and you don’t have to pay us for ongoing support if you’re happy going solo. If you would like your site kept up-to-date and safe, we provide a monthly maintenance plan.

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