If you’re curious how you get from start to finish, here are our 10 steps to website success for your business.

  1. listen. Share your story of your current situation, your business and competitors, objectives and vision.
  2. advise. We think about the best way to achieve all the things you need, research your sector and conjure new ideas to share back with you.
  3. quote. We’ll give you a fixed price for the main website build with potential addons to create your website at a price to suit you. We can teach you how to maintain your content yourselves too.
  4. plan. Your site map sketch up will higlight your landing pages, features and content.
  5. prototype. In a matter of days from our first conversation your website will be available as a working prototype.
  6. create. Then we design and add web graphics, images and typography that will communicate your products or services to your potential customers.
  7. build. We do the nuts an bolts of getting the WordPress of Movylo site hooked up.
  8. populate. It’s time to add website content, either by us or by yourself after you have been given full Content Management Systems (CMS) training.
  9. polish. Content is proofed, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) content added and functionality is tested until we’re happy everything is working.
  10. publish. Your website is made live on our cutting edge servers that we’ve run National newspaper campaigns on. Search Engines are advised and the world sees your new website in all its glory.

This is the beginning of the journey. On a regular basis, you revisit and add more content.