How do you choose between building native downloadable business apps or web ones? Simple. Read our short summary below and you should see cool blue web apps are better all round than rash red ones.


  • If you build native apps you still have to build web ones because users expect to be able to access their content from any device and for prolonged data entry, big screens win. Even if a native app is required it still needs to sync to an in-cloud back end database.
  • Cost of web apps development is a tenth of the cost for native apps because native apps need to be built for different OS – IOS, Android, Windows even with new tools that get 80% of the way there.


  • All business apps are moving to web HTML5. The well respected research house Gartner predicted that 90% of all enterprise apps by end 2015 will be HTML5 or hybrid.
  • Any app changes that happen centrally with cloud/web apps, are immediately available to all users without a per device testing cycle; whereas native users have to electively upgrade and this cycle can take hours or days.
  • Smartphones browser give rich user experience not dissimilar from native for business apps.
  • Syncing data with native is time consuming and burns battery, data plan or storage and is annoying when you start the app because that’s when apps usually sync.

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