More and more people are curious about Bitcoin and blockchain technologies. For some of you, it’s become part of your job and you have to get up to speed fast. I decided to put together this simple blog post sharing my reference sites for information about this and other blockchain technologies. For our Blockchain Bitcoin 101 Foundation Course, scroll to the bottom. If you have other resources to share, please email hello@dadd.tv

DADD’s Blockchain Bookmarks

BB101: Blockchain Bitcoin Foundation Course

  • What’s the Blockchain/Bitcoin fuss about?
  • Do you know what this new jargon means?
  • Do you know why blockchain and bitcoin are creating such excitement and fear across the globe?
  • Would you like to hear and see how every industry is innovating to cope with this disruptive technology?

If you want to sharpen up your blockchain and bitcoin brain, this foundation course is for you.