If you run conferences, your effort is naturally focused on getting the right speakers, the right audience and the right result on the day. Our services offer a way to enhance your event.


Chris was the perfect choice as chair for the inaugural Mobile App World conference. His entertaining and lively approach kept the day running to time and maintained a high interest level throughout. Chris’ knowledge of the mobile industry and of our speakers was obvious to all, and his ability of being able to ask the right question at the right time ensured the audience was kept engaged at all times.


Shaun Pinney, Director

Mobile App World

Chairing the event itself. One of our founders, Chris Dadd is a well-known industry chairman for bringing life to an event attended by many cultures and diverse companies.

Chris is a well organized professional with deep understanding of Mobile Commerce, CRM and Marketing. I very much enjoyed Chris’s chairing of the event, his ability to maximize the contribution of different speakers and his own explanations and opinions regarding the discussed topics. I would recommend Chris as a brilliant event chairman and as great senior professional in the fields of Mobile Commerce and Marketing.


Dr. Tamer Keshi

Marketing & CRM Optimization, Knowhow Transfer Consultant, Tamer Keshi Consulting, Czech Republic

Interactive innovation workshops

Many companies find it difficult to unleash the creative talent within their teams. Often this is simply down to the environment. Our hands-on sessions share some immediate tactics to capture the naturally disruptive, innovative capability within your teams.

Post conference report

From our experience of over 50 events, it’s useful to summarise the key points from the event in a post conference report, to ease communicating what the speakers said. This is very helpful to delegates since most find it hard to take notes and interact in a presentation at the same time and they forget information.

One of our industry experts will work with you beforehand to understand exactly what structure and format you would like for your report and will talk through such things as layout, technical depth, imaging, branding and editorial style. With this information agreed our back office production team will be able to produce a high quality report, typically within a week of the conference ending. You can download a couple of examples of a typical report below.

One benefit of the service is that your customers will retain much more information from the event and their perceptions of your company will increase accordingly. The second benefit is that we offer competitive rates for our service and, as most conference companies sell the sponsorship of the report, you should make additional revenue on it too.

I found Chris’s keynote presentation and report truly inspiring!
Osama Al Rahma

CEO, Al Fardan Group, Dubai

This report is an excellent piece of research that will inspire and motivate its readers. And if you’ve ever wondered if there’s such a thing as ‘bathroom commerce’ and whether it could succeed…read on!



Mark Blayney Stuart

Head of research, The Chartered Institute of Marketing