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DADD uses Siteground Hosting as they are affordable yet superbly reliable. We have run National newspaper campaigns with promotions on a Saturday morning front-page offer that drove tens of thousands of visitors with no problems whatsoever. We have previously tried other hosting providers and if you are experiencing any issues with your hosting provider, we are happy to help you migrate.

  • Siteground has tested as 5x faster in head-to-head benchmarks we’ve done against hosting providers like 20i and TSO
  • Siteground has multiple hosting sites around the World and uses Content Delivery Networks to get content to visitors even quicker. For instance, we host Fairview’s site for Australian customers in Singapore where there is an undersea cable connection!
  • Siteground’s support team are available 24/7 which is critical when things go wrong
  • Siteground’s hosting packages can grow to meet your business needs as you grow

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