Have you heard about or seen Twitter hashtags? Do you know how powerful a hashtag can be to your brand?

Twitter processes 350 billion+ tweets every day! If you want results from your tweets, you need to carefully choosing the most searched hashtags.

What is the hashtag for?

When you put a # (hash) in front of a word or a word group with no spaces, it is known as a hashtag. Twitter uses this to categorise the tweet and group it with others who have tweeted using the same hashtag; similar to keywords.

People search based hashtags and they receive a list of tweets using that particular tag. Everyone is happy because:

  • your opinion gets seen
  • you become visible to more people ie new audience
  • they joined your conversations
  • when you’re retweeted, the same hashtag opens up your tweets to an even wider audience

A Great Example of Hashtag Usage – Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza UK reduced the price of its featured flavour by 1 pence each time someone tweeted with the hashtag #letsdolunch during pre-set times and generated 85,000 tweets and an accumulation of “crowdsourced savings” large enough to ensure some customers ended up with giant discounts.

5 Steps to Creating Good Twitter Hashtags

  1. Have a clear intent. Your hashtag should be relevant, specific and ideally unique to your purpose and your subject. Avoid generic concepts like #offers.
  2. What value are you creating? Provoking a conversation? Crowdsourcing opinion?
  3. Make sure your chosen hashtag is not already in use. Then add it to Tagalus.
  4. Make sure your hashtag hasn’t got negative connotations.
  5. Set up an automatic email alert tool (eg Twilert) so you know when your hashtag is used.

What are you waiting for? Go try it!

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