In the UK, influencers typically start promoting sportswear products well in advance of the official launch to build anticipation and create a fear of missing out (FOMO) among consumers. This is our suggested marketing timeline:

  1. Pre-Launch Phase (1-2 months before launch):
    • Teaser Posts: Influencers share sneak peeks or hints about the new product without revealing full details. These posts might show parts of the product, packaging, or even just a logo, designed to spark curiosity and build excitement among their followers​ (Aspire Platform)​​ (IZEA – We Are Influencer Marketing)​.
    • Behind-the-Scenes (BTS) Content: Influencers post content that gives followers a glimpse into the making or designing of the product. This can include footage from photoshoots, design meetings, or production processes. Such content helps in generating interest and engagement early on​ (Aspire Platform)​​ (Popular Pays)​.
    • Product Seeding: Selected influencers receive the product in advance to test and review. They share their initial impressions and experiences, which helps to build credibility and anticipation for the official launch​ (Shopify)​​ (Popular Pays)​.
  2. Launch Phase (Launch day/week):
    • Sponsored Posts and Stories: On the day of the launch, influencers share detailed posts, stories, or reels showcasing the product in use. These posts often include unboxings, tutorials, or personal testimonials about the product’s features and benefits. The goal is to reach a wide audience quickly and drive immediate interest and sales​ (Influ.AI)​​ (IZEA – We Are Influencer Marketing)​.
    • Live Events and In-Person Demos: Some campaigns might include live events where influencers demonstrate the product in real-time. These events can be live-streamed on platforms like Instagram or TikTok, further amplifying reach and engagement​ (IZEA – We Are Influencer Marketing)​.
  3. Post-Launch Phase:
    • Continued Engagement: Influencers continue to engage with the product over time, sharing updates and new ways they use it in their daily lives. This sustained promotion helps maintain interest and encourages repeat purchases from followers who might have missed the initial launch​ (Influ.AI)​.

This phased approach ensures that by the time the product officially launches, there is already a significant buzz and consumer interest generated by trusted voices in the community. Brands like Healthish and Samsung have successfully used such strategies to create impactful and engaging product launches​ (Shopify)​​ (Popular Pays)​.

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