Finding New Customers from Website Visitors

We want your website to generate real leads and happy customers for your business.

But it makes no sense to drive random crowds of people to your website in the hope that some will buy from you. Buying web traffic for it’s own sake of bragging about how popular your website is, is pure¬†vanity.

So to find good prospects for your business, we need to create a lead generation plan. Typically this will start with optimising the content on your website to attract clicks from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. This is known as Search Engine Optimisation. People looking for your business type keywords, questions and phrases into Google and if your website shows up in Google Maps, search engine results pages or ads, there’s a chance they will click to your website.

Once they’re at your website, our combined efforts need to convert those interested visitors. We need to understand what information they’re looking for (brochures, samples, how tos etc) and answer their questions enough that they will come back or contact you. Visitors may return to your site 5-10 times before they’re ready to contact you. It depends if they’re researching or ready to buy. If you aren’t converting clicks to customers, there’s a good chance your product, service, pricing or content (text and pictures) aren’t hooking them as well as your competitors.

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Lead Generation - Stage 1 - Getting to Know Your Business

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