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Inside us, we’re capable of so much. Collectively, when this is unleashed we can reach our true team potential.

We’re offering you a unique training experience which has been proven to inspire teams as they discover powerful insights about themselves. After many enlightening and fun activities, the impact of our programme leads many to smash through personal barriers and change their direction with refreshing attitudes.

And after an intense day, some teams like to share a campfire with us. The brave…firewalk!

We are an approved 5* professional training provider to the MoD

“Genuinely one of the best courses I’ve attended in years and all down to the professionalism and personalities of you both”
Kat Beaver

British Army (2016 participant)

It’s Amazing What You Can Do

Your Team Leadership Coaches

Stimulating a group of people requires oodles of energy, passion and experience. Our coaches bring complimentary life and career coaching skills, with an abundance of grit and guts that brought them together initially on Mount Kilimanjaro and many other journeys since.

Chris Dadd

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Unscramble Leadership Coaching

We offer 1-5 day courses

Do your leaders and managers find it hard to help their teams plan for success?

It’s a common challenge, when you have annual performance reviews approaching. Most find it personally difficult whether they’re the manager or the person being reviewed. Guiding people is a life skill for work and personal success.

Coaching is the answer. Read on…

What is coaching?

Coaching is an engaging way of developing people’s skills and abilities; in turn, boosting personal performance. It can also help deal with recognising issues and personal challenges before they become major problems. We show you a range of coaching skills so you can help lead your teams more effectively. You can learn as much about yourself as those you’re coaching.


Our courses are split into modules to accommodate the existing skills and leadership level of your team, the time you wish to invest in them and whether you want the whole course in one go, or spread over a period.
Our courses typically cover everything from active listening skills to non verbal behaviour to questioning styles and setting SMART objectives.

Our coaches take you through the material with some anecdotal and sometimes humorous examples before getting everyone involved in some practical exercises.

Typically, we recommend doing the training away from your place of work to avoid the daily distractions of your job. If this is not practical, we’re happy to run the training course on site, just as we do for the MoD.

Example 5 module leadership coaching course outline


Module 1 - The power of focussed conversation

  • Intro
  • Questioning skills
  • Listening skills
  • Non verbal communication

Module 2 - Fear and beliefs within

  • Non verbal commnication practise
  • Values and beliefs
  • Glass walk
  • Personal goal setting
  • The power of gamification in motivation

Module 3 - Planning ahead

  • SMART and the use of gamification in driving continuous improvement
  • Identifying obstacles
  • Witch Watch
  • Brainstorming

Module 4 - Coaching positive change

  • Structure of a coaching session
  • Practical exercises
  • Arrow break
  • Shifting beliefs and reframing

Module 5 - Review and Wrap Up

The week completes with a coaching skills assessment and wraps up with a certificate.
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