Think of LinkedIn as your industry link with people at a professional level.

LinkedIn is known for being a great job-seekers forum but it’s also superb for B2B marketers. According to research by Hubspot more companies acquired a customer through LinkedIn than any other social media channel.

How many members does LinkedIn have?

  • 225m registered LinkedIn members,
  • 77m in the US
  • 50m in Europe.

Here are our top 10 ways to use LinkedIn

1. Actively use your linkedin company page

If you don’t already have a LinkedIn company page, we can help you.  The company page should be used to:

  • promote your products & services
  • produce status updates targeting your audience
  • display insightful slide presentations
  • create brand ambassadors from your staff
  • use showcases to customise your company page for specific audiences

Over time this will help you build an audience of followers.

For example, HP has attracted over 1 million LinkedIn followers and are a good case study of how to leverage followers and extend your marketing reach. See the HP LinkedIn marketing case study for more details.

2. Share content that adds value

Regularly share a variety of interesting content – it must be valuable to people in your industry. Use a variety of content, including pictures, videos and links; infographics spread virally.

3. Encourage your friends and colleagues to share and like content

People can be reluctant to be the first to comment in a discussion but once you have a discussion going it can be hard to stop people. One simple way to get things going is to encourage your friends and colleagues to share your content and to comment on it. Another way to engage your audience is to ask questions when you post content. A number of studies have found more interaction when the post starts with a question.

4. Join Groups to get the discussions going

Check where your customers hang out? Join groups where your customers are present to contribute by being helpful to members of the group and respond to questions. Only join a few to stay focussed.

5. Listen to others and participate

Make sure you listen and participate in the groups you have decide to focus on.

6. Establish your own Group

Take responsibility to lead it. Post regular content, stimulate discussions and comment on others discussions. It is hard work and takes time.

Setting up your own group on LinkedIn can:

  • link to your own content as you wish
  • establish you as a thought leader in your industry
  • be a more select group as you can control membership and enable you as moderator to reduce risks of spam that kill an audience
  • develop relationships more naturally which may lead to
  • generate interest and enquiries about your services

For a great case study go to ProjectManager.com case study of how to build a LinkedIn Group.

7. Ask for recommendations

Recommendations are still one of the most trusted and powerful ways to establish your credibility. Ask people to recommend you or your company. 

8. Use LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads let you focus on people rather than keywords – target the level of executive you want to reach in specific industries and sectors.

9. Monitor your performance

As with any marketing, you should track metrics like:

  • how often posts are shared and which ones were popular
  • how many followers does your company have
  • how many joining your group
  • engagement level through comments, discussions and polls
  • how many people clicked through to your website or landing pages
  • how many leads, where they were from
  • how many conversions were achieved

10. Use Slideshare link

LinkedIn has purchased Slideshare and makes it easy to share your presentation in your profile.