I’ve been reading through the famous annual Internet Trends Report 2015 from Mary Meeker for up-to-date mobile stat’s http://kpcb.com/InternetTrends. It’s 196 pages (!) so I’ve condensed into some salient mobile points, omitting the China and India analysis.

Here are my mobile takeaways:

  • 73% (5.2B) world population have a mobile, 40% are smartphones. In USA/Japan/Germany/UK/France this has tipped 50% smartphone adoption
  • All of the top 15 companies by market cap have strong mobile propositions eg Apple, Google, Facebook, ebay to name a few ie channel shift and innovation in mobile is strategic and worth investing in.
  • 55% of mobile traffic is mobile video, this is almost at a plateau from 2012 when it was 50%. 23% of UK internet is via mobile, whereas 76% of Nigerian internet is via mobile.
  • In the US, 2.8 internet hours (51% of 5.6) is spent using digital media on mobile
  • Of the 9.9 hours spent on screens per day in the USA, 2.8 (29%) is on vertical screens vs 0.4 hours 5 years ago
  • Increasing mobile ad spend is still only a fraction of internet even though media time is almost equal
  • Vertical video ads on snapchat get 9x higher completion rate
  • Buy buttons on mobile becoming more prominent to reduce purchase friction
  • “Enterprise software used to be about making existing work more efficient. Now, the opportunity for software is to transform the work itself” Aaron Levie
  • Disrupters like Square, Stripe Alipay and Kickstarter  are reducing merchant payment integration
  • 6+ of Top 10 most used apps are messaging ones eg facebook, whatsapp (30B msgs/day), messenger, LINE (13B msgs/day), Viber, KakaoTalk (5.2B/day), WeChat
  • Direct Interaction in Notification Panels enable replies without leaving current activity on phone
  • Q1 2015 saw 4 billion video views per day on Facebook vs 3 in Q4 2014 and 1 in Q3 2014. 53% of views are from shares and 75% on mobile.
  • In the USA Millenials 18-34 agegroup, 87% say their smartphone never leaves their side, 80% pickup their smartphone first when they wake, 78% spend more than 2 hours a day using it and in the next 5 years 60% believe they will do everything on mobile devices. 44% use their camera every day and 76% of these post them to social media.
  • In the USA % phone owners use the following “just in time” info services: 84% satnav, 84% news, 79% local events, 52% emergency help, 46% public transport info
  • In the travel sector fulfilment times are fast. In transportation, Luxe, Lyft and Uber (1m driver partners) deliver in minutes. Airbnb (25m guests last year) and hotel tonight provide instant booking.
  • In the USA, transport costs the average household $9k (19% of total spend, 1% YoY growth) and drives 37 miles/day
  • Online commerce platforms have high volume of sellers: Alibaba 8.5m sellers, amazon 2m, ebay 25m sellers with $3000 avg income, etsy 1.4m sellers with $1400 avg income many of whom are supplementing their income
  • 22% of network security breaches involve lost/stolen devices. 69% of breaches were detected by third party.


A few other USA macro notes:

  • 86% of jobs are services in 2014 versus 56% in 1944
  • 81% of population in USA are urban (vs 70% fifty years ago), 13% are foreign-born, only 26% of 18-32 year olds are married now vs 65% fifty years ago
  • Top 3 most valued benefits for the 15-35 age range are training, flexible hours, cash bonuses. They expect to be remote working, 20% outside hours, 38% freelance, 34% prefer online collaboration vs in-person or via phone, 45% use their personal smartphone for work and 41% likely to download and pay for work apps
  • $300B of spend (9%) of retail is via internet in USA