Mobile Websites, Apps & Commerce

Mobile web browsing and buying on smartphones and tablets accounts for around 20% of most website’s visitors, now that over 50% of the UK population own such a device and WIFI is prolific. Apps are also a great way to engage with customers if you’re a well-known brand that will be searched for on app stores.

DADD offers 3 services to help you capture this lost opportunity and engage your mobile customers in a way that keeps them coming back for more.

Get a day with DADD helping you understand how the mobile market affects you commercially and how to attack it successfully in your roadmap.

We analyse your current web content and brand image in the first half and then spend the second half day, face to face so we can show you the various alternatives between brochureware sites, mobile commerce sites and mobile marketing.

If you are a service company that doesn’t sell online but you take pride in helping your customers in the physical world rather than the digital one, we can design and deliver a straightforward, affordable mobile brochure site that should provide you with extra leads.

If you sell things on the web today, chances are you’re losing sales from mobile visitors. DADD is the UK partner for Movylo Shop, a global leader in mobile cloud services. As experts in using this service, we can setup your mobile shop for deals or your entire inventory in next to no time. We also offer full merchandising support too to help you deliver Groupon or Wowcher style flash sales.

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Everybody uses mobile phones, anywhere, anytime

Turn this opportunity into sales for your store

Increase the number of customers you can contact

Use Movylo tools to sign up new customers for your offers, in your store & via social.
Learn their interests and increase their loyalty.



Promote your products/services

Use Movylo to create promotional flyers with QRcodes (scan and buy) and
send coupons directly to your customers’ mobile phones.


Attract more people to your store

Mobile Marketing Pricing


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