Great picture networking tool if you’re targeting primarily women aged 18-44. The demographic is widening though.

Here are our top ten ideas for using Pintrest for business.

1. First decide your objective

Pick and pin images that deliver on an objective such as:

Do you want to drive traffic to your website?

Boost your brand awareness by engaging with your prospective customers

Increase sales

2. Promoting others

Repinning promotes others in your community which drives engagement.

3. Establish your company’s expertise

Make sure the pinboards you create use the keywords you want to be known for to boost google ranks.

4. Mix your content type

As with other forms on online content marketing it’s important to mix up the types of content you’re sharing. The typical split is 40% instructional (educational), 40% inspirational and only 20% about your company’s offers.

5. Use multimedia pins

Many people don’t realise you can pin videos and podcasts to include things like tutorials, webinar excerts or virals.

6. Cross promote

It’s always good to help your audience know where to go next. Did you know you can tweet your pins, embed them in posts and create a tab on Facebook?

7. Make every page PIN friendly

This means putting a pintrest button on every page so it’s easy for your visitors to pin you.

8. Position is important

Due to the way our attention is grabbed, pins near the centre of the 1st or 2nd row are most likely to catch viewers.

9. Give freebies

As with any content marketing, FREE gets attention. It could be white papers or e-books, or free music tracks. Many people don’t realise that you can have a call to action like this and it increases engagement by 80%.

10. Analytics

Even pintrest has a reporting feature to track your audience’s pinning behaviour. In the settings for your pintrest account you can access this.

We’ve put our portfolio on Pintrest so you can get a feel for what it looks like http://www.pinterest.com/chrisdadd/our-portfolio/