2HR Website Monthly Maintenance Plan


Maintenance is a business critical aspect of owning and running a website. Our 10 point monthly plan will help keep your website safe and running.



We know many of you hate technology and would rather focus on your business. Maintenance is a business critical aspect of owning and running a website.  It’s your public face and contributes to your brand reputation. It generates your leads, customers and ultimately revenue. It’s a channel through which customers, suppliers, potential new staff and partners will find you and engage with you. Many return to your website several times before committing to buy from you.

Would you like the peace of mind that it’ll be available for your target audience 24/7 without interruption?

Would you like us to keep all the software up-to-date and secure?

Would you like us to upload your content updates such as photos and articles?

Included in our Monthly Maintenance Plan

  1. 30 minutes customer support including monthly advice calls/emails. Note these do not accumulate.
  2. 2 hrs development time which can be used for content updates, SEO etc. Note these do not accumulate.
  3. Software updates to WordPress
  4. Software plugin upgrades
  5. Nightly website backups
  6. Regular cleaning of your website to keep it safe
  7. Uptime monitoring 24/7 monitoring to make sure your site is always available for your customers
  8. Performance optimisation benchmarking
  9. We will install a SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt (if supported by your hosting provider) for your site to further secure your site – helping your Google rank and reassuring customers.
  10. 10% discount on Support Packs for Additional Development

The built in time for supporting you and providing development of features should deliver additional commercial value. The minimum term for the maintenance plan is 12 months.

We cannot guarantee your site will not be compromised but since fixing a breach typically takes 6hrs, this plan provides good peace of mind.

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