Search Engine Optimisation

Every month, your potential customers are looking for your services online, and if they don’t find your website then they will certainly find one of your competitors. With more than 23 billion monthly UK searches, search is no longer a channel; it is how customers discover you.


If you’re a marketer, advertiser, business owner, or product manager, you need to be smart about incorporating search acquisition and SEO into your overall business strategy, including marketing and product development. By pushing you up in the unpaid listings on search engines like Google, search engine optimisation is the most profitable, cost effective and long lasting investment you can make in your online real estate. Our WordPress SEO experts consistently push your website up in Google and other search engines to get your website out of that back alley and into a prime location on the web.


Research and Strategy

Effective marketing requires a great strategy.  You want to be found for what you offer, above your competition. We research and identify the likely terms that your target customers are searching for online, and those that will be most profitable for your business to target.

Organic search where customers find you on page 1 of google search results without you paying for adwords, is the most cost effective solution and requires careful thought on the words written on each page of your site.

Onsite SEO

Your WordPress site is the heart of your SEO campaign.

We optimise your website structure, technology and content to ensure that search engines like Google know who you are, what you do and as a result, you get much higher click throughs.

Link Building

You may have the most fantastic website in your industry, but search engines like to see the proof.

The best websites attract the most links, so we help you to create and share the best content to bring the bees to your honey. For instance, we link you on Google Places so you can be found on a map, we hunt out discount promotion sites where you can be visible to bargain hunters – everyone like a deal.