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How can I use B2B mobile business apps?

Buy it

Choose from hundreds of off-the-shelf business apps covering all functions and business processes from strategic change, supply chain and operational excellence to project & portfolio management, balanced scorecards, governance and compliance.

Build It

Design and configure simple or complex business process applications using an 8-step process – without the need for software programming.

Deploy It

Use a single-click to make your new applications instantly available across the business in a secure and stable web-platform running at speed.

Innovation Apps Suite

The Innovation Apps Suite provides a suite of mobile web apps to enable, nurture and drive strategic | product | process innovation across the modern enterprise.

In the current competitive business environment, innovation can be a catalyst to growth. With rapid advancements in technology, customer partnering and supply chains over the past decade, the old-world concepts of competitive advantage which focused on a company’s distinctive capabilities are outmoded for today’s global economy. Industries and businesses must constantly transform their products and services together with their economic model, organisational structure, systems and core processes in order to survive and prosper.
The innovation process within sector leading organisations is often supported by internal incubators where ideas for new products, services and processes are screened, prioritised, resourced and tracked through to delivering tangible Returns-on-Investment.