Guiding Light Business Coach

Sometimes new business owners who are just starting out developing their passion into a business, need a range of guidance to shape their ideas. Over the years, we’ve done everything from ideas inception through the sifting process, building business models, creating the whole proposition, testing proof of concepts and taking the finished products and services to market. Getting your head out of the clouds and considering all aspects of transforming your unique YOU into a business that takes flight and evolves to become a soaring success takes time and energy. Time spent thinking now, will save you time and money later.

So if this sounds like you; if you are at this exciting inception stage and would like a guiding light to ask you tough questions and send you out to prove pieces of your ideas ready for when the rubber hits the road and you quit your day job, get in touch and we’ll help.

What things can we guide you on?

If you want help with any of these things below, we can coach and mentor you through.  Over zoom, the phone, face to face.

  • Business Strategy and using tools like the Lean Canvas, business modelling, product packaging
  • Online Marketing Strategy (understanding your competition, channels and platforms to market and which is right for you)
  • Customer Personas
  • Creating a Powerful Brand
  • Creating Systems and Processes
  • Referral & Sales Strategy
  • Pitching techniques
  • Graphic Design Requirements
  • Designing Your Website and Social Media Presence
  • Using Google Analytics to Monitor your Progress
  • Writing Content that Google Ranks (aka SEO)

How does it work?

You simply sign up for a number of hours and we use them as we need. Some people like one scheduled once a week, others on demand every few weeks. 

How much does it cost?

The hours are sold in packages of 6 or 10. If you buy 10 you get one free. Head over to our shop to see the current prices.