I’ve known and worked with Chris for many years on a variety of interesting projects and in all sorts of places around the world. If there is anyone more suited to intricate problem solving and thinking outside of the box for solutions than Chris, you really won’t find them. For ADG, my musical and pro-audio equipment distribution business, Chris has been instrumental for helping me develop and build our industry-class-leading website and B2B dealer portals, while at the same time coming up with some great innovative ways to manage our budget and allow us to minimise excess expenditure on the project. With so much tech development in the online sector that can now be carried out in Asia etc., on the surface there may well be what can initially appear to be lower cost solutions for some of the things Chris does, but they will take you longer, be way more complicated to implement and not be tailored to suit your business needs. Working with DADD is not only rewarding, it is highly recommended!