Does your theatre group need more bums on seats, actors or backstagers?

Freshen up your website for your audience and members

Super Easy to Edit with WordPress

We build your website with a superbly supported content management system called WordPress used by millions, including well known brands.

It’s super easy for anyone to use themselves. Write articles, sell products,  share galleries… with a large number of add-ons to extend the features to match your dreams.

WordPress is free. You only have costs for additional features required (plugins) which typically cost under £50/year.


As you can see below, WordPress is used by the majority of websites.

What’s On

The first most important feature for every amdram group! Share your shows, concerts, read throughs, auditions and social get togethers. Visitors to your website want to see what’s on, when, where (with Google maps). 

Then sell your tickets via TicketSource.

Manage your Mailing Lists with Mailchimp

If you use mailchimp to inform your members and audiences what’s going on, we can easily integrate with that. You can sign up members to a different list to audience subcribers.

Slideshows and Galleries

Slideshows (sliders) and galleries are a great way to display your show photos and add interest to your site.

The Play Name

Info about your play…

Your Title Goes Here

Your Title Goes Here

Include videos of your productions as teasers

Linking to videos on YouTube will bring you audience from those searching there and as importantly, save you hosting costs because streaming video uses a lot of data.

You can have single videos or a slider of videos. This is a great way to keep people engaged.

Don’t Forget to Share your Social Links

Confidential Area

Give your amdram members their own confidential area. They can either have individual passwords or one for the group. Put info up about rehearsals, social events and meetings. You can upload videos and photos that only your membership can see.

You can even collect membership fees with your website.

Spread the Word with Social

The more people are engaged with what your group is doing, the more they will share your news and info about upcoming shows.


Who are your Members?

You can share images of your cast, production crew and committee members along with links to external profiles.

You may recognise someone here 🙂

Kenneth Branagh

Kenneth Branagh


Kenneth Charles Branagh was born on December 10, 1960, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, to parents William Branagh, a plumber and carpenter, and Frances (Harper), both born in 1930. 

Ben Sansum

Ben Sansum


Hilarious actor who has been in a great many shows including Two Masters One Servant.

How Much will an Amdram Website with WordPress Cost Us?

Frequently Asked Questions

How many of these features above do you want?

The cost of building your new website depends upon how many features we need to build. If it’s not already in WordPress, the first stage is migrating content into this easy to use content management system.

Do you want us to edit content or you?

Often, updating an amdram wordpress website means gathering and editing lots of photos and labelling them. Writing fresh articles and news about shows current, past and future. The more of this you do, the cheaper the website build cost and ongoing maintenance will be.

Your amateur dramatic or society website typically takes between 10 and 25 hrs (£600-1600) to create/update, depending on your answers to the frequently asked questions. So you should budget £1600. We work on a prepaid time banked basis. In other words, you buy packs of time from DADD or 50% of the quote we give you for your final list of requirements. These website design and support packs are available from our shop below. Alternatively, we can invoice your group instead.

Once your website is built we will train you on how to edit and update it. We offer a complete monthly maintenance package if you want help after, or you can simply buy more time from us as and when. 

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